Sunday, January 23, 2022

Rose Study 012222 Sold


After having a set of non-toxic colors for the yellow family, I moved on to investigate the red. I did this study using radiant red, napthol scarlet, quinacridone red, alizarin, venetian red, and portland grey deep. I feel I am in the right direction. Napthol scarlet still has some toxicity. I will keep on the research until I have a satisfied result.


Cynthia Spruill said...

This is lovely. You could try Gamblin's Perylene Red. Is semi opaque, nontoxic and is what they use to make Transparent Orange combining with Indian Yellow. All the best.

Cynthia Spruill said...

Perylene Red is also the red that is in Gamblin's Radiant Red.

YellowSnowman said...

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