Monday, January 28, 2013

Wu Zhen

I finally find it. This is the place I really want to paint. This place is called Wu-Zhen. It is about 100 Miles west of Shanghai. I want to come back here in the near future and spend several days painting here. It is also an idea place to run a workshop. It is so beautiful and quiet. Not very commercial so far (I really hope it keeps that way). If I organize a workshop here, would you come and paint with me?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Su Zhou

I am traveling again. I took a 5 hours super fast train ride today. Talking about the high speed trains, I must say that China is more advanced than the United States. The conditions are superb. The stations are well built. Much better than Amtrak.

I have arrived at a beautiful south China city called Su Zhou. This trip is basically for me to search future places I would like to paint and may run plein air painting workshops at. I will visit a few places like this one. I like small towns, trying to avoid big crowd. Find a place to slow down. Zu Zhou is very different from Beijing. People are living around many water alleys. If you like Venice or San Antonio, you will like here too.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Courtyard for the Queen" --- Sold

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This painting was done based on a photo I took in the Summer Palace. The design of the gate indicates that the owner of the courtyard behind it was a female. Now this one is a special one. It belonged to the queen of the second last emperor. Different from the several Beijing landscape paintings I did earlier, I start to add trees in the scene. I am now more comfortable of painting landscape.

Monday, January 21, 2013

"Demo in Beijing 2013 2"

As I have mentioned before, I decided not to talk about "demons" in my life any more. However without my attention, it comes by itself. Last week, I did my first demo painting in my Beijing workshop. When I sent my painting email, I had misspelled "demo" as "demon". It might be simply a typo, or it might have reflected the struggle I am have constantly encounter in my daily life. Well, we all have difficulties, it is just part of the life. I think the best attitude we should have when we confronting problems is to accepted them, keep positive and calm as much as you can, and do what you can only do.

This painting is my second demo I did it on my Beijing workshop. As usual, painting flowers was the topic. It has been more than a month since I came from the States. I think I have adapted the living conditions here, and found more and more beauty and opportunities in my hometown.

Friday, January 18, 2013

"The True Love"

I visited the Summer Palace in the winter. It is special treat. There were not many people, but many stray cats. In this quiet corner, in front of this empty house, in this cold afternoon, in this grey scene, in this world full of misery, I SAW TRUE LOVE.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"The Great Wall"

These several days, the air quality of Beijing has reached to the dangerous level. However, it didn't stop me going out (not very smart). In this strong foggy day, I went on the top of the Great Wall. I was stunned by its remarkable beauty, especially in those bitter cold winter days. Thousands years ago, the ancient Chinese built this grand structure trying to stop the bloodshed of barbaric battles. Now thousands years later, are we really civilized? The blood and bones have resulted in the beauty of the Great Wall. The history is so ironic.

The sun light has being putting a great effort to penetrate the super dense smog, and only the bloody red rays can go through. The human greed and selfishness have made the mid-day sun looks like dusk. Beijing is so surreal.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Demo in Beijing 2013 1"

On last Thursday I started my painting workshop in Beijing. Artists are coming from France, Germany, Japan, Argentina, Columbia, Taiwan, and the United States. It feels like a miniature United Nation. Quite a few of them we met in my last Beijing workshop in 2011. I also met a few new friends. I want to Thank Patty Hudak for organizing this international workshop. This is my first demo on a local canvas with local paint.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Beijing Tangerines"

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Having not painting still life for a while, but I need to prepare for my workshop tomorrow, so I did this small daily painting yesterday. To overwrite the predominate grey color I see everywhere, I chose the objects with brightest color possible, and used the best quality paint possible. Of course my bedroom (used as my studio) is full of oder of paint. but you just can't take care of everything in life.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gate with Red Lanterns --- Sold

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 I have spent more than two days on this painting. It is a little larger, and I used regular oil colors. After several monochromatic paintings, I decided going back to color. Since the buildings in Beijing are dominated by grey color, I have to be careful about subtlety and try my best not produce mud. The light area is warm and the shadow area is cool. I still use palette knife a lot to create the texture.

In Beijing, I am going to give a 4-day painting workshop. It will be on the Thursday of 4 consecutive weeks starting this week. I didn't advertise this one since the workshop is already full before I know it. It will be a very international one. I will let you know how it goes.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

On a Beijing Street 6 --- Sold

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I thought I was a still life painter, but some how I can't stop painting Beijing cityscapes. It must be my childhood memory keeps me going. When I paint these paintings, I feel I am still a little boy playing there. Hua: please post this one and create an auction page.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On a Beijing Street 5 --- Sold

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Now I resume painting in Beijing. This painting took two sessions: majorly brush work on the first one, and palette knife for the second. The perspective of this painting is rather interesting. A couple of days ago, I went on the street taking pictures. I saw one of courtyard very similar to the one in this painting. I went in and found out it was a hotel. The price per night was 1680 yuan (about $280).

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to Beijing

After another 24 hours train ride (really enjoyed). I am back to Beijing again. Yesterday in the subfreezing temperature, I went to the old Beijing streets and taking picture for my future painting projects. Since most of old Beijing districts have been demolished and replaced by ugly high-rises, the few remain Hu-Tongs (narrow streets) have become tourist attractions. I snapped many shots, and I will paint them and share my approached with you. I came to Beijing about 20 days ago. I did 4 paintings, and all have been sold to America and Europe. Yesterday I sent one order out. It is rather challenge to take care of basic logistics here: such as finding packing boxes, printing packing slips, and finding reliable shipping services. All of these issues, we take for granted in America, but at here, I have to be very creative.

Life is very exciting when you travel to exotic places. Recall my 2012, I am very satisfied. My art brought me to all places. I met so many friends. I have survived and supported my lovely family with your generous support and my effort. I had several dreams came true, such as two intensive art study at AAU and extended stay with my parents in China. I am very blessed and grateful. Now the New Year starts, full of challenges and excitement. Let us be happy facing the future and experience the even better 2013.