Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Back to Beijing

After another 24 hours train ride (really enjoyed). I am back to Beijing again. Yesterday in the subfreezing temperature, I went to the old Beijing streets and taking picture for my future painting projects. Since most of old Beijing districts have been demolished and replaced by ugly high-rises, the few remain Hu-Tongs (narrow streets) have become tourist attractions. I snapped many shots, and I will paint them and share my approached with you. I came to Beijing about 20 days ago. I did 4 paintings, and all have been sold to America and Europe. Yesterday I sent one order out. It is rather challenge to take care of basic logistics here: such as finding packing boxes, printing packing slips, and finding reliable shipping services. All of these issues, we take for granted in America, but at here, I have to be very creative.

Life is very exciting when you travel to exotic places. Recall my 2012, I am very satisfied. My art brought me to all places. I met so many friends. I have survived and supported my lovely family with your generous support and my effort. I had several dreams came true, such as two intensive art study at AAU and extended stay with my parents in China. I am very blessed and grateful. Now the New Year starts, full of challenges and excitement. Let us be happy facing the future and experience the even better 2013.


Sergio DS said...

I wish you a happy 2013!

Darla McDowell said...

Happy New Year, Qiang. Wishing you a very blessed year ahead.