Saturday, December 24, 2011

Way to the Sea

We are in New Orleans right now. We will be on a cruise to Honduras I guess. I am not sure if I can access the Internet on the boat. If I am not able to communicate with you, I will be back on the New Year's day. I apologize in advance for the delay for shipping my sold paintings. I will do that right away when I get home. I have my painting gears with me, and will have a great time. At this holiday season, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

"Head Study 122111"

These several days I felt my brain has been short of lubricants. It didn't run fast enough to catch up what I need to do and think about. I let my intuition take over, moving here and there like a robot. I went to our local portrait painting on Wednesday night and did this head study. In a couple of days, I am traveling again. Where I am going? I will let you know soon with my postcards.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Tangerine with Leaves" --- Sold

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This is another small painting I did in Beijing. I haven't resume painting in my studio yet. It is my technical working week for my ex-comany. Life is full of contrast.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Chinese Tea" --- Sold

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I am so happy coming back. Now I am able to post on my blog myself. Thank you Eric (my brother in Canada) for helping me posting all my Beijing photos. When I was in Beijing I did several small paintings. I didn't post them because I didn't want to overburden Eric in spending too much time dealing with creating auction pages. To facilitate my daily painting in my parents' place was a big challenge. It took me several days to setup. I got only under a half of a desk area for all my painting activities. Two shoe boxes were used as the base for my setups. I used toilet paper to wipe my brushes since I simply didn't know where to buy paper towels. Lighting was a big issue. I wasn't able to find simple incandescent light bulbs more than 40W. Painting under this condition made my really appreciate the luxury I have in America, and I was so proud of myself being able to hack a quick-n-dirty way to keep my art going.

Friday, December 16, 2011

"LAX Snafu"

I am in the US now, but LAX didn’t say “welcome back home” nicely to me. Even I had close to two hours transfer time between flights but I still missed my flight back to Austin.  I have to wait here for another 8 hours for the next one.  I want share my bad experience with you and hope to help some of you who travel international to prepare better in the future: If you transfer from an international flight to domestic at LAX, you must give at least two and half or three hours in between. I arrived at LAX via Air China, went through border checking, got my bags, and went through the customs. All of those activities took me about a hour. That was quite normal. Then I walked out of the International terminal. I couldn’t find any sign of guidance or TV monitors showing how to connect to my domestic flight. I needed to go to United Airline, but I even don’t know which terminal I should go to. There are 8 terminals at LAX. I spent quick an effort and found an information counter but nobody was there. I feel a little rushed and grabbed anybody I could asking information: workers move baggages, security guys, .. you name it. I got all kinds of answers. I went upstairs and came down. finally I found an information has a person working. I was told to go to Terminal 7 and I needed to take a shuttle bus outside. The location of bus stop was not marked obvious. It took forever for one bus to come, super crowded.  Every stops took a long time for people going up and down with bags. Finally I arrived at the Terminal 7 I only had 20 minutes before my flight taking off. There was a long line for security checking. I talked to the guy who was assisting and got the permission to cut the line, but it still took me about 10 min. I ran with all my might and ...... still one minute too late for my flight. I complained to the person at the podium. With no emotion showing on her face, she told me: “Go to the customer service”. I guess she sees someone like me everyday. I booked my next flight but need to wait for 8 hours. So I got time to write you.... Now my jet-lag starts to attack me. I crawled to a corner seat like a homeless guy, while the background music were singing: “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way .....”

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goodbye Beijing

One month has passed so quickly. Tomorrow I will be on my way back to the US. Even I am still here, I have already started to miss this place. My parents are getting old. They have problems which I don’t see good solutions. I wish them the best and be prepared to be back to them as quick as possible. This is a city full of energy and opportunities. There is so much she can offer. I am excited that I have met many new friends this time, especially artists. I hope to see you again in the future. I want to thank all of you who helped me. I had a wonderful trip here. The photo I am showing today is an ideal image of Beijing, homey and beautiful. Goodbye Beijing. I will be back to see you again.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


My mother is in better health than my father. We went out shopping together several times. I took this photo when we went to get dumpling wraps. In Beijing, if you know the local culture and where to get things you need, living is rather easy and inexpensive. You don’t need a car. You can get almost everything needed within walking distance. I am learning more and more, but the time to leave is coming soon as well. This is my life: forever changing.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Demo in Beijing 3

I am so happy I had the opportunity to continue my art in my hometown. After my two portrait demoes, I did a one day still life painting workshop in Beijing yesterday. This is my demo painting. I want to thank Patty Hodak for putting this workshop together in a super short time, especially, she organized this workshop in the situation that my blog is not visible. I want thank all the artists for attending. they come from Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States. I felt so happy with this international art group.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On a Beijing Street 4

I went out with my mother doing some grocery shopping. This photo is showing she was talking with a vegetable vendor on the street. Most of people in Beijing get their grocery not from supermarkets, but the vendors like this one. The price is lower. Shopping is a big challenge for me in Beijing. I was trying to get some daily basics such as paper towels and light bulbs. It is not easy. I am really lost in my hometown. I feel really odd. I am both a native and a foreigner here.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The White Pagoda

I was born in Beijing, not far from this white pagoda. I had many childhood memories around this area. Today I went the place I was born. Our old house was gone completely. I went to where I went to school. The school was gone too. But I still can find traces of old days. The white pagoda is still there. It was built in 1279 as a part of a Buddhist temple. I walked slowly in the cold Beijing winter, watching the drama of the change. The scene in front of me was felt illusive and surreal. Time is a real artist. I was speechless in front its masterpieces.

On a Beijing Street 3

In the morning I went out search for an exotic breakfast. This scene got my attention. So  many people in Beijing make their living this way.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Demo in Beijing 2

I went to the Yin Yang again and did the second Demo. Next Thursday I will give a one-day still life painting workshop at this location. I feel so good I have found the opportunity to do art in my home town.

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