Monday, December 5, 2011

The White Pagoda

I was born in Beijing, not far from this white pagoda. I had many childhood memories around this area. Today I went the place I was born. Our old house was gone completely. I went to where I went to school. The school was gone too. But I still can find traces of old days. The white pagoda is still there. It was built in 1279 as a part of a Buddhist temple. I walked slowly in the cold Beijing winter, watching the drama of the change. The scene in front of me was felt illusive and surreal. Time is a real artist. I was speechless in front its masterpieces.


Peggy Kingsbury said...

Qiang, what are the outlines/wires aroound the tops of the buildings? Are they original to the structures?

- said...

Thank you for sharing, sir. This is amazing. I admire how people in that time carried faith through silk-road and made this amazing white pagoda.