Thursday, April 29, 2021

One Day Zoom Workshop Reminder


The image showing here is a demo painting I did for my 2nd Zoom Workshop I am still conducting. Now I have gone through the necessary learning curve of using the internet tool to teach. For my regular Zoom workshops I have to limit the number of students. However, now I am trying this new approach of One-day Workshop, so I will be able to share my painting process with more people. If you are interested in the way I paint and happen to be that you have some time next Wednesday, then please consider to attend my one-day class. The webpage of this workshop is at: I hope all the beginner painters can get the right techniques and elevate to at least the intermedium level as soon as possible.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Thoreau's House


This small house is a replica of Henry David Thoreau's house at the historical museum in Concord MA. I have read Thoreau's "Walden" and admired his wisdom. I wish more people understand him. The world could have been much better if more people have practiced his teaching. I used the same reference photo and painted this small house many times. On my 2nd Zoom workshop I painted this house again as a demo.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Richard Schmid


We have just lost I considered the BEST representational artist in the world: Richard Schmid. He was one of the kindest and generous teachers I have ever met. I am very fortunate of having chances of meeting the painters' Master in 2010. As a beginner artist at that time. I have admired Richard's remarkable paintings for a long time. However timid I was, but I decided to reach out and contacted the Putney Painters. I was so thrilled and I got the permission of visiting the Barn and watched Richard, Nancy, and many Putney master painters to paint. The photos here are my documentations of the several events I have participated. Richard was not only the BEST artist, but also the kindest human being. His humor, his wit, and his knowledge have left very profound  impression in me. Inspired and educated by the Master, I will try my best to promote and share the knowledge and skills to bring more people involving into the most beautiful field we call ART.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Workshop in Salt Lake City


Two days ago, I have got my second vaccination shot.  I think I am ready to resume the normal life. I have updated my domestic workshop schedule on my website: (or just go to my website and click the "Workshops" tab then select "Domestic Workshops). If you are interested in taking one of my in-person workshops, please check the above webpage and communicate with the corresponding workshop organizers. I will start to travel and teach in June, and my first workshop will be at Workshop SLC in Salt Lake City UT. I hope to see you there.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

"Spring in the woods"


Painting green is a challenge. I picked a photo that show all kinds of greens: the house with a green roof, The trees with fresh green leaves in the spring time, and the green grass in shadow and in light. I have spent two days on this small painting. It feels my handling of green colors has got more sensitive. All the efforts during the pandemic isolation have shown some effects. I am enchanted.

Monday, April 5, 2021

One Day Zoom Workshop in May


From my limited experiences of organizing Zoom workshops, I have learned that the demand of online art learning is much larger than I thought. The two workshops I have organized so far got full way to quickly, and many friends did not get a chance. In order to give the opportunity for many more people to access my painting approaches, I decided to teach a one-day Zoom workshop and allow up to 100 people to get in. So you can have an overview of my painting process. Different from my regular workshops, I may not be able to provide individual guidance this time. However you may view how I paint and have a video to review at your convenience. The information and registration of this workshop are at: If you are interested in my teaching, I do recommend you to sign up as early as possible. It may get full quickly as well.  Good luck my friends.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Workshop in Tuscany Italy

It has been too long. We all look forward the Covid 19 pandemic coming to the end, and we can travel and enjoy the activities we used to have. I have planned to teach a plein air painting workshop in Tuscany, Italy this October. Can you imagine the wonderful days of relaxing in the beautiful Italian wine country and learn a few tips of oil painting? Please check: for detailed information. So far we still have a few openings. I am looking forward to seeing you this fall in the beautiful Tuscany.