Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Richard Schmid


We have just lost I considered the BEST representational artist in the world: Richard Schmid. He was one of the kindest and generous teachers I have ever met. I am very fortunate of having chances of meeting the painters' Master in 2010. As a beginner artist at that time. I have admired Richard's remarkable paintings for a long time. However timid I was, but I decided to reach out and contacted the Putney Painters. I was so thrilled and I got the permission of visiting the Barn and watched Richard, Nancy, and many Putney master painters to paint. The photos here are my documentations of the several events I have participated. Richard was not only the BEST artist, but also the kindest human being. His humor, his wit, and his knowledge have left very profound  impression in me. Inspired and educated by the Master, I will try my best to promote and share the knowledge and skills to bring more people involving into the most beautiful field we call ART.


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