Friday, December 30, 2022

2022 Paintings


Happy New Year to all of you. This video contains almost all the paintings I have done in the year of 2022. As matter of fact, I do not consider I personally did all those paintings. They are all manifestations of the Devine. Usually, people talk about the new year’s resolution at this time. We want to use what we’ve learned and hope to correct the path of life toward a better direction. 2022 is a special year for the world, and it is the first year after I survived the cancer. I have learned tremendously. If I consider to have a new year resolution, I will say I will try my best to live. Business, career, and personal achievements are all start to fade away. The only thing left is sincerely living. Be a sincere witness with gratitude to experience the beauty of the real Art of the universe.

Monday, December 26, 2022

Surgeons at Work


I hope all of you have had a great Christmas. I want to share a painting with you today, which is a 24" x 30" figurative and narrative painting . I also made a short video to document the painting process. For this relatively large painting, I do not have enough experiences, especially figurative work. To get the proportion correctly is the major challenge. I want to say that the apps I have on my website have really helped me to see better. This painting took me more than ten days to do. I have learned quite a bit.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

DIY Solar System for Off the Grid Living


First of all, I want wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Hope you all are healthy, happy, and peaceful. Today's post is not about art. Perhaps you have noted that I have been crazy about video making lately. I am trying to vlog (video blog) what I do and what I see. Many years ago, I have talked about how important of leaving engineering and and choosing art, which I really wanted to do. Having doing art for quite a while, now my journey have found its new orientation. I am no longer consider art as a career or business. It is simply something I enjoy doing. Having reached the age of retirement, I have realized now it is the time for LIVING. It is not necessary to label ourselves specifically any more. Engineers or artists are all those specific labels. The purpose of our lives is not to make those labels bigger and shinier. The real purpose (if we think we really need one) is to know who we are. My friends, please enjoy your life and be really living!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

 Some of my still life paintings will be shown on the January 2023 issue of the American Art Collector Magazine. I have received copies of magazine this morning and made (my first time) a YouTube Short video to brag about what I have done. I have been keeping telling myself that bragging is not a good thing since the ego is the source of all suffering. I think I will suffer for sure because I had this bad karma today.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

The Day of the Dead


It is almost Christmas, but my time is still at Halloween. I am still posting my EPAT paintings.  I was at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, and it happened to be the Day of the Dead celebration. I don't think I am ready to talk about death, but that day was all about it. I really liked the attitude of the Mexicans toward death. The celebration was quite joyful. Colorful skulls and skeletons were all over the place. People wore colorful cloths and danced happily. Children got their faces painted like skulls. Death we usually think is a sad thing, but the atmosphere that day was quite the opposite.  I still felt reluctant to relate death to happiness, but I start to accept the mortality is significantly important. Our planet is finite. If we all were immortal, there would be no places for us to stay. I painted a small roadside memorial that day. I kind of like it, but of course no collectors want to touch it. That was all right. My wife took quite a few photos and video clips. I made a YouTube video with them to document this lively dead day.