Sunday, April 8, 2007

"Sweet and Sour" --- Sold

Since I started this painting blog, I have received many positive comments. I am so grateful to your support. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I did not reply to all of you, but I really appreciate your words. Art is a special language, and I am so happy you understood me.

You must have noticed that I did not post anything for a week now. You might be wondering what is going on. Well, life has been pretty crazy to me lately. To many of you who check my paintings regularly, I have a confession to make: I am not a full-time professional artist. Like most of the middle class Americans, I work full-time on a non-art related job. I am an optical engineer designing laser related systems for a high-tech start-up company. The job is challenging and interesting, but I also love to paint. I really like the idea of daily painting. It is great way to communicate with other artists and collectors and a great way to discipline my art practice. I kept my promise for a while. It has been very exciting. However, it is not very realistic for the long run. For every workday, the earliest time for me to start to paint is 7:30 PM. I usually spend 3 hours to finish a painting. However, this practice can be interrupted by any common activities, such as a phone call or helping my son doing a project. Last week, I spend several evenings doing my taxes. Well now, I have to slow down a bit. I will still paint and post when I have the time, but probably not everyday.