Tuesday, March 31, 2020

When China was attacked by Covid-19 in February, I kept a close observation  on what was going on there. Now the Covid-19 pandemic has been attacking the whole world, I felt obligated to share what I have learned through my social media so the doctors can use this info as a reference. If you are a medical worker or know any of them, please use or share this info. The following information I got from WeChat (a Chinese social network), and I translated it into English:

According to the epidemic report, the number of deaths in Wuhan today (February 27) has halved for the first time, from more than 100 people a day to more than 50. The anatomy of the patient's body has revealed that a large number of sputum plugs appeared in the lungs of the deceased. The sputum plugs were generated by the use of a ventilator. The sputum plugs eventually caused hypoxia and death. Starting yesterday, the rescue was switched to a sputum suction machine, and the death toll was halved all at once. This is to thank the donors of the remains, and the second is to thank the team of Professor Liu Liang from the Department of Forensic Medicine of Tongji.

This information is for reference only. I am not a medical doctor. It is up to the professionals to make decision. Doctors should investigate this issue scientifically.I hope the doctors can find a cure of this horrible disease soon.

Monday, March 30, 2020

"Demo in Sacramento 2020 3"

It was my first time painting daffodils. It was a difficult flower to paint. I think I did all right.

I have been back home at Austin for about two weeks so far. Like the majority, I did not go anywhere and I am pondering what this Covid-19 pandemic means to an artist. I am learning how to move my teaching online. My floral painting DVD is coming in a few days. My son Jonathan is helping me. We have finished the video and audio editing. Now we are finalizing the file conversion from a mp4 to a DVD. Now April comes, I hope the turning point comes soon.

Monday, March 23, 2020

“Demo in Sacramento 2020 2" --- Sold

Metal and glass: how can you show different textures of the objects in your still life setup was the intention I did this demo. Of course they all boiled down to light and shadow, but they do have their own characteristics.

Now we all need to be a home as much as we can. You might want to think more about painting, which it can keep you occupied in a positive way. I consider painting is an activity that can "solidify" time. Your time is not simply passed away, but you can preserve it on your canvas.

Friday, March 20, 2020

"Demo in Sacramento 2020 1"

My workshop in Sacramento started in the gloomy atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic. That was March 14. At that time, 50 was the maximum number for people gathering. I had 12 wonderful artists coming to my class. This is the image of my first demo. I put a bottle of "Dawn" detergent in the setup. Of course, I was checking the color variation when I set it up. In hindsight, I can see now my subconsciousness at the moment might imply that we need to wash our hands more often before we touch the tea cup and fruit.

To follow the restriction rules during the pandemic, my workshops and painting competitions either canceled or postponed. I sincerely apologize the inconvenience to access my teaching at this difficult time. I am learning in full speed of making videos and online teaching. Currently I have one DVD available on my website (http://www.qh-art.com/dvd.html). Please check it to get more info.

Monday, March 16, 2020

"Demo at Templeton CA 2020 4" --- Sold

This is my last demo on my Templeton CA workshop. After left Paso Robles area. I drove to Sacramento and did another workshop. I am still in California and hope to get home soon. The world is so crazy. Who can imagine the entire mankind is in the same disaster. I may have quite few cancelations of my workshops in the near future. I will try to cross the learning curve as quick as I can, and establish an on-line teaching platform soon. See you in the Cyber world.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

"Demo at Templeton CA 2020 3" --- Sold

The ref photo for this demo was shot at Moro Bay, not far from Paso Robles. It was a very busy scene. I used the photo to show how I simplify and made the painting possible. I painted this scene before. I was happy I did it again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

"Demo at Templeton CA 2020 2"

Paso Robles California is super beautiful. For my second demo I used a photo I took right here. I love the rolling hills here. I wish I can paint plein air in this beautiful wine country.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

"Demo at Templeton CA 2020 1"

I am teaching a workshop at Templeton CA, and this is my first demo. The world of 2020 is very different from the good old 2019. I hope everyone of you be safe, wash hands, and take care.