Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Beijing Tangerines"

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Having not painting still life for a while, but I need to prepare for my workshop tomorrow, so I did this small daily painting yesterday. To overwrite the predominate grey color I see everywhere, I chose the objects with brightest color possible, and used the best quality paint possible. Of course my bedroom (used as my studio) is full of oder of paint. but you just can't take care of everything in life.


Ellie Boyd ellieboydstudio.com said...

Nice that you are back in China, Qiang. Hope you are having a great time. We could use some of those snow sweepers here!

Paintings said...

Hey Qiang huang, Thanks for your kind words. Means a lot:)
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trevor dalmer said...

i just found ur blog. i absolutely adore ur work. thanks for the inspiration. can't wait for time to browse ur whole blog.