Monday, January 21, 2013

"Demo in Beijing 2013 2"

As I have mentioned before, I decided not to talk about "demons" in my life any more. However without my attention, it comes by itself. Last week, I did my first demo painting in my Beijing workshop. When I sent my painting email, I had misspelled "demo" as "demon". It might be simply a typo, or it might have reflected the struggle I am have constantly encounter in my daily life. Well, we all have difficulties, it is just part of the life. I think the best attitude we should have when we confronting problems is to accepted them, keep positive and calm as much as you can, and do what you can only do.

This painting is my second demo I did it on my Beijing workshop. As usual, painting flowers was the topic. It has been more than a month since I came from the States. I think I have adapted the living conditions here, and found more and more beauty and opportunities in my hometown.


Nancy Darling Handler said...

This is beautiful! I'm hoping to attend your Cary NC workshop; I"m on the wait list!

Wendy Barrett said...

Hi Qiang,
I have just discovered your blog. Your work is stunning! I love your lovely loose brush work. This picture is absolutely beautiful!!

Andy said...

Hi Qiang,

I am loving the evolution of your style. I've always been a fairly tight painter until recently and it's great to see quality examples of loose painting. Your monochrome China paintings are exquisite.

I wonder if you'd be willing to post some photos and info of your setups for the still life paintings? What do you use as drape cloth? How do you choose background colours? Do you still use your "north light"?