Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"The Great Wall"

These several days, the air quality of Beijing has reached to the dangerous level. However, it didn't stop me going out (not very smart). In this strong foggy day, I went on the top of the Great Wall. I was stunned by its remarkable beauty, especially in those bitter cold winter days. Thousands years ago, the ancient Chinese built this grand structure trying to stop the bloodshed of barbaric battles. Now thousands years later, are we really civilized? The blood and bones have resulted in the beauty of the Great Wall. The history is so ironic.

The sun light has being putting a great effort to penetrate the super dense smog, and only the bloody red rays can go through. The human greed and selfishness have made the mid-day sun looks like dusk. Beijing is so surreal.


Karen Werner said...

This is a beautiful view. Thank you for sharing it and your thoughts also.

Unknown said...

Wow! My daughter who is 11 and I have been amazed by your tour through China. It is wonderful to view it through your eyes! Thank you Qiang! This is truly magnificent!

Paintings said...

Paintings good piece of art work.liked the shadings in eyes.very realistic.