Saturday, December 29, 2012

At a Hong Kong Market

I went to Hong Kong a couple of days ago. Nowadays in China, I have experienced more capitalism than I was in the US. In almost all the conversations I had here, people talk about money, money, and money only. commercials are all over. All the peoples here have involved in this life long vicious competition of money making. If you can't win, you will fall into cracks. I feel so overwhelmed and tired. What about art? what about morality? Nobody cares. I feel this society is so off the balance. It is very scary. I have not given up yet. I am still looking for true friends who I can share art and something I consider more important than the all mighty money.


Unknown said...

I fear that frame of mind is a becoming worldwide epidemic... the arts are getting pushed aside to make room for power and wealth and competition. But I was watching the news recently, the day after that awful event in Sandy Hook, New York... and the people there were turning to their music and their art for comfort and solace, and it was music and art bringing them together and helping them survive. No amount of money could ever do that! Thanks for the thoughtful post.

Ian Bruce said...

I have speculated, that in both Russia and China--the long history of capitalism being vilified as evil and immoral may have led to to the growth of a particularly evil and immoral brand of capitalism.

If you are engaged in something that you have been taught is totally immoral--only your personal ethics can restrain you from poor behavior--there is little positive cultural pressure.

In the west, particularly in America, Protestantism allied itself very strongly with capitalism very early on and injected a little morality into the system (a very little). People were brought up to believe that it was perfectly possible to be a highly ethical and upstanding citizen--and also be successful in business. Local Chambers of Commerce tend to exert some ethical pressure on their members (in smaller towns and cities, anyway).

I imagine Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, which evolved under capitalist economic conditions--must also have attempted to show how to combine ethical behavior and open economic competition, and that much of this may have been lost under Communism?

It is ironic that Capitalism, which is based purely on self-interest, has become associated with freedom, Democracy and human rights--while Communism--which was based on selflessness, compassion and morality--has become associated with tyranny and abuse of human rights

This is just a theory of mine. Perhaps I am completely wrong. Certainly, the fear of poverty can inspire an obsession with money that knows no bounds.

I love your posts. It is inspiring to see how dedication and hard work can take ones art to ever greater heights! I wish I had your dedication.

Milliscent Morgan said...

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Uncommon Depth said...

It makes one sad for the future of the world. Long live art!