Thursday, December 27, 2012


You may not know what I mean if you see the title of my today's post, but you must has seen some very cheap original oil paintings selling in hotels, shopping malls, or even on the street. Have you wondered where all those paintings come from. Well, Here it is. Da-Fen-Cun is the place where the main business here is mass producing oil paintings. Many studios in Da-Fen-Cun hire young people with very low pay, and provide basic art training, then produce oil paintings as assembly line. I visited Da-Fen-Cun yesterday. Took a few photos and chatted with several artists. It is amazing how art is produced here.


Sergio DS said...

It´s really amazing, I like it.
I wish you a Happy 2013!

Marian Morris said...

By assembly line do you mean that a person starts a painting, and then a different person adds trees, and a different person adds buildings? Do they copy existing paintings or make a series or similar ones? This is really interesting- thank you for posting on the subject.

Terry Rempel-Mroz said...

This is very interesting. I had some idea about how this was done, but seeing the artist in a jacket brought home to me the conditions the artists work in - re comfort (cold, open to outside), supplies (canvas tacked to walls). Somehow I thought they were in a factory setting with easels etc. Thanks for the insight.