Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snow Sweepers

Beijing is cold, very cold now (-15 C tonight). This photo was shot after the 2nd snow storm after I arrived here. I don't see any snowplows to clean the road and anyone use snow blowers. I saw quite a few snow sweepers cleaning the road with those giant brooms made of bamboo stems and leaves. This scene brought back some of my childhood memories. People swept the dirt road and snow with the big brooms like in this photo, leaving beautiful and calligraphic brush strokes on the ground. I was very impressed by their "art" work. It is highly possible I was influenced subconsciously by the giant broom marks, and now they are shown on my canvas. Tonight I will take a 24 hour train ride to Shenzhen and Hong Kong. I will keep you posted what is going on there.


ricardo azkargorta celaya said...

Your painting is of an excellent quality. I like the philosophy that has your work. Also how is your way of working, with a great philosophy. I'm impressed by the great self demand you have.
My most sincere admiration.
From Spain Ricardo

Stevie Denny said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Qiang. Best wishes.

Roger Morris said...

I think this is a wonderful composition and a very compelling image.

Gexton said...

i Like your work and i m big fan of your blog thanx for share

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