Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Rose Study 011222


I used the same palette I used two days ago, but introduced in Portland Gray Deep, and Transparent Orange. The opacity is still not ideal. Look at the petal on the right in shadow. It is rather difficult to make the color uniform. Can anybody tell me if it is OK to mix a water soluble color into regular oil colors? Thanks.


Passerby said...

Yes, you can mix traditional oils with water-miscible oils. However, traditional oils should not be more than one third in the mixture if your purpose of doing this is to clean it with water easily afterwards. Do not use water as solvent to dilute paints as if it’s terpentine. Use special mediums instead. I use traditional oils and no solvent—I don’t clean my brushes, just put them in oil between sessions. Sorry to hear about your illness, but it may not be related to cadmium etc (did your doctor say so?)

julie said...

Schmincke W allows you to mix regular oils with water mixable oils.

Unknown said...

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