Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On a Beijing Street 5 --- Sold

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Now I resume painting in Beijing. This painting took two sessions: majorly brush work on the first one, and palette knife for the second. The perspective of this painting is rather interesting. A couple of days ago, I went on the street taking pictures. I saw one of courtyard very similar to the one in this painting. I went in and found out it was a hotel. The price per night was 1680 yuan (about $280).


carol morgan carmichael said...

You captured so much beauty on such a small canvas. Wonderful light and texture. Safe travels and best to you in 2013!!

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

I always enjoy your travels to China and the work you do there. This year your works are magnificent! Bravo!

The texture is fabulous.

Theresa Taylor Bayer said...

You just get better and better. Such a pleaesure to see all the wonderful art you come up with. Happy New Year, and may the Muse be with you in 2013!

Karen Werner said...

These tonal paintings are very lovely. It was so smart of you to carry water based oils. I might try that next time I travel. Would you be willing to share the particular pigments you are using? The color is wonderful.