Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"AAU Figure Painting 3 (Day 1)"

Today, I have started a new figure painting. It will take 3 days to finish. This image shows what I got so far. The color of painting becomes more important now. I feel more confident in dealing with proportion, anatomy, and modeling. Painting large is no longer a problem. Gradually, I will be able to pay more attention to edges, composition, paint quality, and details. The progress is noticeable.


Under the willow tree said...

It is looking stunning already. I like lightness of the skin colour..actually I like the lightness of the whole picture. Well done!

Jill Banks said...

I am watching your studies of the human figure -- and am absolutely amazed. Your progress is not just noticeable, it's lightning quick. These are beautiful!

I'd love to hear about some of the lessons that have made the most difference in your progress. Many of my students are subscribers -- who would learn through some of the explanations.

Congratulations on taking this great step. I can't wait to see where it leads in all of your work.

Jill Banks

Mary Pyche said...

Like Jill, I would love to hear some details of your lessons on the figure. Also how many students are in the class?

Barbara Pask said...

I agree your progress is amazing. You must be the best student Zhaoming has ever had. Do you plan to eventually focus only on the figure or make that your main focus?

MeeLi Lee said...

I agree with Barbara and Jill-remarkable progress!