Sunday, July 29, 2012

"AAU Figure Painting Final Project (Day 1)"

Time flies! One and half week from now, I will end my AAU journey for this summer. For the Figure class, I need to do my final project. This is again 30" x 40". The painting is from a reference photo. I started yesterday and worked whole day. This is what I got so far. I have spent most my time in the drawing stage to get the proportion, placement, and composition. Then I worked on the value with a monochromatic approach. Now the painting is just entered the third stage, which is color design. I got the shadow on the torso cooler and reflection on the leg warmer. The painting still has a monochromatic feel, but I am going work more today to show some color.


SharonWrightArtist said...

So beautiful. I wish I had your feeling for painting, and your touch. You are truly awsome!

silentwitness said...

This is an incredibly lovely design, and I love the silvery tones you achieve in your paint mixes. The movement of your strokes and colors are mesmerizing! Thank you for sharing your journey through this summer session,and for explaining your techniques. You have built a lovely Figure painting portfolio!