Monday, July 9, 2012

"Three AAU Props"

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After I finished my figure homework yesterday, I still have some time. So I did this small still life. Oh boy! from a 24" x 36" to a 5" x 7", the downsizing is so dramatic. I almost forgot how to paint small paintings. The fine art department of AAU has a quite good collection of props. Paint this painting felt like tasting a gourmet food. It was so delicious.


Unknown said...

I get that same feeling sometimes when I work smaller after a larger piece. It can be revitalizing though.

Sunny Avocado Art said...

I saw this on another site and I had to click but I knew it was yours even shrunk down the thumbnail size...Yes, it is delicious!

Adriana Guidi said...

I love the colors! Beautiful composition! can I ask you what red you used for the object in the front?