Friday, July 27, 2012

"AAU Figure Painting 5 (Day 2)"

The second day on this major painting project, I started modeling the figure. I tried my best not to get trapped in details so I have the freedom in adjusting my drawing. I have spent most my time dealing with the foreshortening of the legs. I made a large amount of adjustment in value to show the depth. Compared with my other second day paintings, I felt good about the progress. I think I am on the right track and looking forward to the Day 3.


Susan Roux said...

It's nice to see your work in progress. Lovely colors. I like the contrast in emphasis here. It gives the figure a greater presence and adds to the reality of your subject. Very nice work.

Unknown said...

This is coming along great. I think you are making great progress on your figurative work. Beautiful already!

Brenda Semanick said...


First, may I commend you for going back to school!!

The legs are lovely, and I enjoy seeing your progress with your present study.

Most Sincerely,
Brenda Semanick