Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"Demo at Marshfield 2012 3"

I did an additional demo to the workshop today. Upon request, I did this portrait from a photo I took a while ago in Austin. I don't have much of experience demo portrait painting in front of many people. I think it is only the second time. I might need a little more time to do some final adjustment, but I think I did OK.

The workshop is over. Thank you again to all the artists attended. I will take a couple of day break before my next event. I will visit Museum of Fine Art in Boston tomorrow. 

BTW, I mentioned Steve Carell yesterday. He is a famous movie star. If you don't know him like me, please check : Steve Carell.


Mary Pyche said...

Wonderful portrait! If your schedule allows you to visit Cape Ann, the area frequented by so many of America's famous artists -north of Boston-I hope you do. Two of the area's best art associations are
www.nsarts.org in Gloucester and www.rockportartassn.org in Rockport. You can still see an active old New England fishing industry in action with beautiful harbor scenes.

Ann said...

This is so beautiful, soft and painterly. I'm looking forward to many more fantastic portraits from you in the future!