Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Head Study 031412"

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This is my first portrait painting this year. It is 9" x 12". I offer much lower starting price for it than my still life paintings, because I am still at the early stage of portrait painting.

Tomorrow, well known Australia artist Colley Whisson will teach a 3-day workshop here in Austin. As the workshop organizer, I will be busy assisting him. I am really looking forward to see his techniques.

By the way, I have announced a while ago that wonderful California artist Fongwei Liu will come to Austin to conduct a figurative workshop. I have got great responses on it. Fongwei is not only good at portrait and figurative works, he is also a wonderful plein air landscape painter. If you are interested in learning his plein air approaches, you have an opportunity. He will teach a plein air workshop in California. Please check Mammoth Lake Plein Air with Fongwei Liu for detailed information.


Carol Reynolds said...

Great job! I look forward to seeing more of your portraits..well, I love all of your work!

Bhavna said...

Hi.. this is Bhavna and I truly admire your work. You really have an unconventional style, although quite different from mine but I genuinely respect it because it is unique. It would be great if you see my work at and we exchange our thoughts and broaden our insights.