Thursday, March 22, 2012

“Green Grapes" --- Sold

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Coming back to my small painting study, I recall I was working on the color of green. People who have taken my workshop know that I like to use Phthalo blue mixing with yellow to get greens. This method works well for dark greens, but not good for lighter greens. So I start to add viridian and cadmium green pale onto my palette. For this small study I used Phthalo green. It works much better than my previous method. I learned this from Colley Whisson last week. You may add a lot of white to Phthalo green to tint it to a very light green, but the intensity is still strong. You can shift the green with yellows and dull it with red. I really like this color. It has the potential of replacing Phthalo blue, viridian, and cadmium green pale on my palette. Due to my previous green problems, I didn't paint green grapes often. Now I am more confident.


Anonymous said...


carol morgan carmichael said...

Really like the choice of the copper cup as a backdrop for the grapes. Thanks for sharing the green recipe. The grapes look juicy and translucent.

Monika Roe Illustration said...

Simple and gorgeous. Love the greens of the grapes and how they play against the golden tones.

Karen Werner said...

Lovely in every way. Thanks for sharing what you're learning. We all can benefit. You are a fabulous painter, humble and generous too.

Ann Rogers said...

Thanks for the "green" helpful...I see green and sorta freeze when trying to find the right formula. This "small study" is perfection!

Nancy Standlee said...

Can you tell us which Phthalo Green Shade (the blue or the yellow?) I've signed up for your workshop at Dena's and will buy some green to try it out.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

the grapes sparkle like jewels!! Wonderful.

lindy said...

Ah yes, the green pursuit, or the pursuit of green. You caught it here!

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