Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Demo at Melbourne 2_2012"

This is the second demo I did at Melbourne. I got looser, maybe too loose.

Now I am back to Austin confronting new challenges. These a couple of days I have relocated my studio. It is still in my house but it is upstairs now. The advantage of the new place is that I got a true north window. The disadvantage is that this place does not have enough storage. I have stuff piled up all over. It will take a while to make the new place  functioning.


carol morgan carmichael said...

I think it is beneficial for your workshop students to see you do a looser painting as well as one a bit tighter. The rose in this painting is crazy beautiful!

barbara schilling said...

As always your use of color just amazes me! Love the reds against the purple in the teapot!

Kim Rempel said...

Stunning!! Please come to Ontario and teach ; )

Trevor Howard said...

Qiang - You say you perhaps painted too loose. I don't think so. I always struggle in my paintings with being too tight so when i see something like this it speaks to me. Wonderful brushwork and colors - the values work and it appears that you captured the essence of the scene.

My only critique would be that there's a glare in the photo so I can't see the background color very well. Great work!

Unknown said...

How are we looking at the paintings of Mark Rothko these days?
Is he old hat, replaced in America by more contemporary concerns? Looking at his minimal canvases and their
enticing floating squares of subdued paint live at the MOMA recently, I had to stop to wonder whether he still
communicates to a modern and younger audience., the site that sells good canvas prints to order from their database of digital images, has many
Rothko prints. I ordered this one, Blue and grey,

, that I have now hanging in my study. I can spend a long time looking at this elusive image that takes me to
some other place not in this world.