Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Orange Rocks" --- Sold

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I would like announce and congratulate the winner of my abstract painting I posted on April 2, is Mr. Omar Moreno in San Antonio, TX.

Now I am back to realism again. As a matter of fact I did this painting the same day I did the abstract. I was preparing the demo for my workshop. I often think the realism paintings are also abstract too. We are painting just shapes, value, and color. We don't have to put names on them.


Dean H. said...

Hi Qiang. You said, "We are painting just shapes, value, and color. We don't have to put names on them." This is a very important truth! I must keep reminding myself as I paint.
Beautiful painting as always.

Ann Reyes said...

Just beautiful! You are so right--that we are just painting shapes, value, and color. But, your shapes, value, and color have your magic touch on them. They're awesome!

Mariela said...

Another beauty!!!
and I will also agree about realistic painting!

Barbara Pask said...

I think that's one of the biggest challenges when trying to become an artist, to see shapes and colors and not things. Nice painting today, as always. Barb

PAT MEYER -- said...

Love your orange rocks an love being able to see all the values and the light traveling across the painting. One of your fans, Pat

Frank Gardner said...

Yes, shapes, color and value. In the right place of course.
"realism paintings are also abstract too" I agree, but somehow the dance between realism and shapes of paint stirs something in my brain that pure abstract does not.