Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"April Fool" --- Sold

This painting is for your entertainment. My sanity was out of whack yesterday. It happens one of those days. This one is not on eBay. If you like to have it, please send me a quote, I will sell it to someone who offer the highest in 7 days.
When I was painting this one, I thought about how I got started to be an artist. It was 9 years ago. I have just moved to Austin a few months ago and working as the first employee of a high-tech startup company. I got an email mentioning there would be a seminar in a downtown gallery; a curator of an art museum would talk about art works showing in the museum. I didn’t do any art at the time but were always curious what was showing. After work, I went to the seminar, which was located in a gallery right in downtown Austin. It was surprise to me that the place was deserted. Only two audiences came and I was one of them. The art showing there I was utterly clueless. I saw a piece of plaster with some fuzzy curves on it, and several pieces of photographic emulsion with some unidentifiable patterns on them. The talk started. The curator eloquently appraised these art pieces and explained how marvelous they are, but I did not understand him at all and confused completely. The talk lasted about an hour and I felt insulted and angry. “Is that art?” I was asking myself. I left the gallery and made up my mind: “I will be an artist, a different kind!”

This is true story on this April fool’s day.


Kim Edge said...

I'm so glad you chose to paint. Remember, Van Gogh began to use Gauguin's technique of painting from memory while locked in an asylum with nothing to look at. Blessing us all with his work "Starry Night." Don't forget to be free and have fun my friend, I'd hate to miss out on your "Starry Night."

StilinStudio said...

What a wonderful and encouraging story about how you got started in art! I, too, sometimes see art that makes no sense, and, in my humble opinion, is not very good. And, I, too, think to myself that I want to be an artist!! But, and here's the difference - I *also* see work such as YOURS, and then I realize I might not have what it I keep my "day job". HA! I will never give up, though, as I enjoy trying too much! Your art inspires me and many others, so keep up the great work! I loved your story.

WCaro said...

Your story was amusing.
What do I see in your painting? I see a person with high energy thoughts. He or she is quiet in a room bathed in light that comes from a little window where you can see the calmed blue sky.
I wonder what other people can see in it.

Mariela said...

I like very much this painting!
It's very dynamic and vibrant.
I like the use of color, the composition and your brushstroke as well!
And I agree with you..
Very often we art with no meaning or feelings... I'm wondering why...
Keep up!

Jeff Mahorney said...

Qiang, I love that story. That would be the same way I react. I could never be an art teacher because I just don't appreciate that kind of stuff like I would a fine painting of yours. And even in painting, I kinda feel like Hensche: "There's only one way to paint."

Pamela Nichols said...

Thank you, first of all, for making me laugh out loud. I discovered "dailypainters" about a month ago, and my eye was immediately drawn to your work. I would know your paintings without your name attached. When I saw today's painting, I thought, "Where is he going with this?" Then I saw the title. Good one!
I'm just beginning life as a painter after a lifetime making a living otherwise. Thank you for your inspiring work. It always makes me smile.

Dianne Mize said...

Qiang, even your abstract is lovely, even if you didn't intend it to be.

Joe Kresoja said...

just found your blog. I like it.

faith1110 said...

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful paintings. I, too, have just discovered daily painters and am so glad to have found you! I've been going through a completely dead zone as far as creativity is concerned. Looking at your work made me realize that I can start again if I really make the effort. Your work seems so natural and expressive. I wish your workshops were nearer (I live in Germany). I'm going to try to do a painting a day, whatever it looks like!!!!
And the story about that art lecture is exactly what I needed.
Thanks for the inspiration