Friday, April 18, 2008

"Orange Pot" --- Sold

One of my favorite landscape artists is Calvin Liang. I really like his way of using color. This painting is my experiment of using Calvin's landscape color scheme into a still life painting. I hope this approach can work.

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Mark Bridges said...

Hi Qiang. Calvin Liang is favorite of a lot of people. I've copied 5 of his paintings from his book. He painted in front of my mothers house last year. You've got a good eye for color yourself.

Ruth Mabee said...

I love your paintings! Wonderful use of color! I am a painter too (not daily) and just recently created a blog to showcase and talk about my paintings. I put a link on my blog connecting to yours - I hope that is all right with you! Perhaps you would like to take a look at some of my paintings too?

Cynthia Spruill said...

I just wanted to say I received "Orange Pot" in the mail today and I am delighted. You are a master of the small format. I have started my own painting blog and have been checking out some of the others to see what I could learn. As nice as many of them are, you are the only painter I have bought from.
P.S. I am not that fond of landscapes generally, but I do like Calvin Liang as well.