Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Wuzhen Street 3"

Now all my three "Wuzhen Street" paintings are done. This is the final look of the 3rd one. I like this one the best. I have gone through significant research and experiment in this painting project. I enjoyed this learning process.

Thank you again for all your support to my art. About the issue of how to market my serious paintings, I will let it go and not worry about it. I may send it to galleries, or sell them myself. My collector friends are more than welcome to contact me. If you are in Austin area, I can show my paintings to you. On my art journey, I will keep going and sharing.


Karen Werner said...


Unknown said...

Dear Qiang Huang,

My name is Nidhi Raina and I am based out of India. I am hoping to create a e-commerce model for artists, artisans and consumers, all across the globe. The intent is to bolster creative as a self discovery process while still being a commercially viable career choice.

Its too early in its stage and nothing has set itself up just yet...however i couldn't but stop myself sharing it with you after reading some of your last blogs.
What do you think? If yes , and I do hope so, I will share more as and when/how I progress and you could put in your bits wherever you like ...

Either ways lots of love and best wishes to you on this journey.