Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Wuzhen Street 2 (Day 4)"

Last month, I started 3 cityscape paintings based on the photos I took in China. I finished one of them and learned a lot, and left the other two on the back burner. This a couple of days I worked on the 2nd painting. This is what I have got so far. I worked on the color harmony mainly. I found that purple grey and green grey can not co-exist on the same painting. If they do, one of the greys will look dirty. I apply this new "home made" principle to this painting. I feel it works pretty well.


Adriana Guidi said...

Really nice Qiang! Can I ask you your color palette on this one?I'm working on one with a similar sky value,and just wanted to know your colors here.
Thank you for sharing all your beautiful paintings!!

Unknown said...

Great Painters depicts their "Expression through their Mindblowing Fine Art ", Great Artwork!!!

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