Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Demo at St. Simons Island 2" --- Sold

I really like the silver thingy in my second demonstration. This demo is unusual. I didn't have any light objects. I didn't have much of high chroma colors either. The center of focus was developed by the texture of silver. The distribution of the colors is more from the reflections rather than using local colors. This may imply new directions. I felt excited.


D. MEYER said...

I love the silver thingy! Good going... :)

Bruce Bingham said...

What you did with the silver thingy is awesome and also the cherry on the left makes my mouth water!

Unknown said...

This was painted at my wonderful workshop. This man is a brilliant painter as well as a kind, funny gentleman! Qiang, you are the best. Thank you

Unknown said...

Hello Qiang,
Excellent work. I wonder if you might occasionally post an image of the set up from which you work. In this painting, I can see lovely elements (eg the green under the silver thingy) and I wonder if you've invented them or if they're actually there. It would help me greatly if occasionally, I could see what you saw, then what you created.
Just a thought.
Don't ever stop painting!
Cheers, Manny