Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Blue Duet" --- Sold

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Back to Austin now. I did this painting with my Austin mentoring group. I feel my high key art is getting more stabilized. I started to understand why some of my old high key painting didn't work well. I have document my feeling into so called "principles" to guide my future practice and share them in my teachings. For instance: Cool colors work better with high key paintings, while warm colors work better with low key paintings. This kind of "home made principles" help me coming out the blind "just do it" or pure intuitive approaches to art. They also made it easier to share with other artists. To make a joke: In science, when someone made a significant discovery, people put his/her name with the discovered effect, such as Omh's Law and Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Why shouldn't I called my understanding the "Huang's principle". Ha Ha. I am just kidding. Art is different from Science. In science, people try not to "reinvent the wheel". However in art, every artist have to invent his/her wheel themselves.


carol morgan carmichael said...

This is exquisite. You have taught and inspired so many including me. You are one of my art heroes!

Anonymous said...

Qiang...your words have a great deal of wisdom and insight. The teachings of your retreat remain with you. Linda

Kirk Witmer said...

"Huang's Principle" proves that you are now finding the science in art.