Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Wuzhen Street 3 (Day 2)"

I worked on the 3rd painting today. Now all the three paintings are paused at this kind of intermedium stage. I need to do a lot of thinking at this moment. I am imagining myself as a chain smoker, sitting in front all these paintings, a cigarette after another cigarette, pondering what should be done next. I want to show "effects" not "details". In other words: details should be implied, not rendered. Should I stop now? but obviously this painting is not done. Any suggestions?


Unknown said...

The only thing I could suggest is possibly breaking up the street with some smaller shapes.It appears just a little flat, especially in the distance and under the people. Otherwise it's quite lovely as it is.

Unknown said...

I agree with Chris about adding some smaller shapes onto the street. Most of the painting feels finished to me but perhaps add an item or two in the foreground along the left side of the street, like a bench, some boxes or crates, an animal or some more people. I've always been more partial to your landscapes, both rural and urban; they're wonderful.

Mike Kennedy said...

Yes, the street needs some more shapes. I think the buildings do too. Within the flat areas make some smaller shapes of different color but keeping the values within the overall flat shape value (you already know this principle I know). For example, maybe some shapes suggesting brick or stone here and there. Or perhaps a little more door, sill, or window suggestion here or there. Not too much, but more than what is there now. There's already a lot of suggested detail all over the place if you look - I see it. But maybe just a few more. You make it look so easy!