Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Wuzhen Street 1 (Day 1)"

This could have been an old news that my painting "Morning in Zhouzhuang" had won the "Impressionist Honorable Mention Award" from this year's Oil Painters of America National Juried Exhibition. I felt very fortunate and honored of receiving awards from last 3 consecutive years' OPA Nationals. I felt specially happy that I am no longer confined to the "still life" genre. I want to explore more on cityscapes, and figurative paintings. Today I have started three 12" x 16" paintings simultaneously. The image showing here is the value design of one of them. I am going to spend a few days working on these paintings. So please ride on and see how they go.

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Anonymous said...

This value design took my breathe away. It is a lovely piece in itself although you intended it to be an exercise. It is composed well and is very loose in its rendering. You have become well known for the still life paintings, and that is a wonderful gift. It has allowed you to travel, to make a living for your family outside the field of science, and to allow many students to understand your techniques. Your value design reminds me of the way you explored shades of gray on your trip to China when your father was very ill. Those street scenes had a wonderful feeling to them. This new direction you are exploring is as exciting for your students as it is for you. We will be watching you continue to grow…and then we will want to learn those techniques too! Linda from Tucson