Sunday, June 22, 2014


After my Waynesville workshop. I visited Asheville for a day. In this incredible place called "Biltmore" I saw six John Singer Sargent's portraits, one Andrew Zorn's painting, and many more great art works. I was so amazed by how the super rich live their lives. Facing to such unbelievable luxury, what do you think?


dglenncasey said...

It might be rough living a life of luxury like that, but I'd like to give it a try. :)

Anonymous said...

Although we don't have royalty in the U.S., the Vanderbilt family was one of the first wealthy dynasties in our nation. This magnificent estate was built as a country home for the family and how wonderful it has been preserved for everyone to visit and enjoy it. I would imagine there are families today with great wealth capable of building such extravagant homes, but instead have many homes all over the country and the world. Read the great history of this estate:

Marlene W. said...

Did you see the portrait of Fredrick Law Olmstead by Sargent (I think)? He was the landscape artist for the Biltmore estate, and also
Central Park in New York. I believe the artist painted Olmstead with Rhododendrons in the portrait to signify his part in making the grounds of Biltmore so beautiful. It was a magnificent portrait. I've been to Biltmore twice, and loved it both times. It is definitely worth the trip to see it.