Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Gold Apple on Blue" --- Sold

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I want to thank all the friends who commented my recent serious painting "Evening Tea". In that painting, I have pushed many envelops, but there are still many envelops I didn't push, or not push enough. One of them was color. Now I come back to the study of my high key color schemes. I mention to my students that high key is not my cup of tea. It is much easier for me to deal with value and do low key paintings. I have been aware of my weakness a long time ago, and have put a significant effort to understand color. My practice in high key is not very consistent, like a blind try to find my way. I hope my today's color scheme can touch you in a positive psychological way.


Unknown said...

I have never seen oil paints with such brilliance and brightness as I see here. Can you say a little about the brand of paint and the colors?

Connie Nobbe said...

It glows like a gem. Love it! I like to see your experiments in color.