Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"Pink Rose Study 9" --- Sold

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New Year's firework was shining on an abandoned Christmas tree lying on the side of the road. Life just like that, Ms. Rose has observed. Another year has passed. It seems the time goes by so much faster than before. There are endless things needed to be done. Preaching vigorously to their own choir, people on this small globe are clustered according to their specific opinions on economics, politics, and religion. Wars are fought, Tragedies are all over, the environment are getting worse. The only authority that can unite the human specie is the all mighty money. Life just like that, Ms. Rose has observed. But why? What is the power that is driving the world? ... Suddenly, Ms. Rose has realized she needs to go beyond speculating on the surface. We humans are involved inevitably in a game, we are forced to follow the rules. Life is not that bad. In the darkness she starts to see sparks of hope. She sees the conscience, morality, and love.  Although it is not the main stream, but the positive energy is there.

I am sorry I am sounding kind of blue at this time we supposed to be happy. As a matter of fact, I felt very grateful to all of you. I hope all of you happy at this great beginning of 2014. You are my source of that positive energy.


linda m levine fine art said...

Lovely lovely rose. I am so inspired by your talent and execution. Ms Rose has matured, has gained insight, has moved along at her own pace and in her own sphere, just as her creator has done. Keep seeking Qiang, continued enlightenment will follow. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Tammy Kaufman said...

Your words are so filled with soul and so raw and honest, and your paintings so incredible. I LOVE reading your insights and viewing your astonishingly beautiful paintings. Your blog is something I look forward to with every post. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Unknown said...

I think I like this one even better than the last. I'm really enjoying watching the life of this rose.

AH said...

Quelle luminosité ! Cette étude est ma préférée.
Belle et Heureuse Année 2014 !