Sunday, January 5, 2014

"On a Guilin Street"

For these 3 days. I have been concentrating on doing one painting. I used one of my photos I took during my China painting trip. When we were in Guilin, it was a very hot day. The mid-day sun was so intense that people use umbrellas to shade. The pavement was marble creating beautiful reflections. The colorful umbrellas were like floating flowers. I shot this scene with my phone. I decided to paint very loose on a 12" x 16" canvas. It was a struggle.

For the entire year of 2013, I was so busy teaching and traveling. I did almost all small paintings and studied other artists' styles. One thing I should do but really have no time doing is provide larger paintings to my galleries. I hope my gallery owners do not get mad with me. So this one will be a gallery paining.


Peter Barker said...

Fabulous painting Qiang - I love the treatment of the road and your very distinctive loose and crisp passages. I'm sure your galleries won't be mad when they get paintings of this quality! :)


I love the edges and strokes even more in this painting than before. I wonder how that could be possible.

AH said...

Je partage entièrement l'avis de Carol et Peter.
C'est éblouissant !