Monday, January 27, 2014

"Morning in Zhouzhuang (Day one)"

After I came back from Tucson, I must admit that I have burned out significantly. For several days, I did not go in my studio. I watched some TV, but very quickly I got bored with it. I tried to fix a few computer problems, but I got more frustrated. For instance, I tried to connect my laptop to my printer. I thought this is a small problem, but I spent at least two days on this task. However, no matter how hard or smart I try, it just simply do not work. Oh, boy! I thought I used these several days to recharge.

Surviving in today's life is definitely a special ART. I must become a real master of this art before I can do anything else. Being able to accept failure is what I am learning now. I must admit that we can not do everything, and we have to let them go, like my printer. Keep calm, even the world shattered into pieces right in front of you. Accepting failures is not giving up, because you know your priorities. One piece of advice for you: if you want to live a peaceful life, please make sure the core of your life is not controlled by IT.

I started painting again. This project will take me several days. You may not know what I am painting at this moment, but it will show gradually.


Susan McManamen said...

I know you said this painting is still in progress but I just have to put my two cents in. I think it's perfect right now. Just gorgeous.

linda m levine fine art said...

Qiang...Failure should not be a word applied to human beings, only to machines. Each person has strengths as well as needs. Our life journeys help us discover our talents and decide whether it is worthwhile to pursue gaining skills in our areas of need. Sometimes yes, other times no. Wisdom comes when you enjoy your own talents and know when to bow to others whose talents help in your areas of need. Allow the printer technician to shine as he demonstrates his skills for your machine! It brings joy to the person who does this job for you, peace to you, and results in a fixed machine. You cannot fail. You are given challenges as opportunities to figure out solutions…even if the solution is to call the computer technician.
Linda, Tucson

Carol Blackburn said...

A wonderful thing to keep in mind. Thanks!

Marcela Strasdas said...

Try calling the printer's manufacturer. I have tried that and they have walked me through the steps to solve the problem (and saved me a lot of frustration!)
Excited to see where this painting goes!

Unknown said...

Hi Qiang,
I can relate to the burned out feeling…I was in Tucson with you as a student. It was 2 days before I could find the energy to paint again. Painting requires a lot more energy than I thought…if you want it to be the best you have. Yesterday I applied your method to a painting I finished and I felt proud. Thank you for sharing your positive energy and knowledge.