Saturday, August 24, 2013

Issues About My Painting Emails

Many artist friends subscribe my painting emails. It has been working pretty well since I established this function when I started my blog in 2007. I was using "Google Groups" to store my email list. However recently, Google has "upgraded" the "Google Groups", but my gadget for subscription on my blog can not work anymore. I tried to fix the problem, but I can't find any solutions online, and I can't find any tech support from Google. So I give up. If you are currently receiving my painting emails, there is no change for you, you will still receive my email as usual.

If you currently are not on my mailing list and want to sign up. I have just started a new group using the "Feedburner". You will receive my painting images and my writing synced with my blog, but the format may look different from my "Google Groups" emails.

If some of you are savvy about "Google Groups", please help me. I wish life can be simpler, and I just want to paint. Sigh!!!!!


Theresa Taylor Bayer said...

I got your post, i'm subscribed. You might try FaceBook and/or Twitter. You're well liked, so you're sure to get a following in no time.

Connie Nobbe said...

Usually if I have a question like that, I type the question into a google search, and it takes me to a message board. Usually someone has posed the same question, and other people try to answer it. Usually one of them is correct. I almost always get an answer that way. Too bad Google can't have their own people provide answers.

Sandy Sandy Art said...

I have been having lots of my own issues with Google lately. Customer service is almost nonexistent. I too had newsletters I sent through Google Groups. I switched to Mail Chimp and was able to import my subscriber list from Google Groups into Mail Chimp. It's a much better platform too. Good luck with it! ~Sandy