Sunday, August 11, 2013

"Demo at Granbury 2013 1" --- Sold

This is the first demo at the Granbury workshop. I specifically like the mysteries  of this one. I did not use much of high chroma colors this time. The abstract patterns on the copper and the brush work to the left of the copper are the parts I like the most. The transition from the abstract shapes on the left to the realistic presentation on the right is cohesive and smooth.

Due to my massive amount of traveling and teaching, my demo paintings have become a significant part of my daily painting practice and blog posts. Different from my personal study and exploration, demos have shown certain amount of repeatability. If you feel you see too many of the same thing, please let me know.


Adriana Guidi said...

Oh Gorgeous Qiang! I love painting copper ,and I love looking at paintings with copper bowls and tea kettles especially yours. Do you mind if I ask you what color combinations you used in this painting for the copper?
Thank you.

Unknown said...

Your commentary on this one is so educational. Thank you for sharing your self-critique!

Douglas Clark said...

Qiang, I'm so proud to have this painting for my collection and so proud you will have one of my sculptures for your collection. Your class was amazing. You are a gifted teacher and painter.

Joel said...

Although you may feel you are repeating your still life set-ups, your paintings are fresh and recognizable as belonging to you alone. Your fans study each one and learn something new from each painting. Thank you...