Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Demo at Granbury 2013 3" --- Sold

This is my flower demo at Granbury. You may see the composition of this painting is almost the same as the one I did at Landgrove, Vermont. I like that painting so much, so I want to make sure that getting that painting was not an accident. That is the the reason I did a similar setup. The painting turned out good. I feel satisfied. The high light on the silver pot was blindly bright. I surely enjoyed painting this one.

Now I am back to Austin. I will rest a little and prepare my painting trip in China. I'd like to set up one major milestone for every year. For 2010, I met Richard Schmid. For 2011, I quit my engineering job. For 2012, I attended AAU studying figurative with Zhaoming Wu. Now for 2013, I will lead a group of artists painting in China. I am grateful for all these opportunities, and humbled in front of all challenges. I really appreciate all of you for encouraging me on this very special journey. Thanks.

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Karen Eade said...

It's glorious, I love it.