Monday, July 22, 2013


On the way back from Sedona to Phoenix, we stopped by a very interesting place called "Arcosanti". It is an experiment of a wonderful concept by renowned architect Paolo Soleri of architecture and ecology working as one integral process to produce new urban habitats. I heard about Arcosanti just very recently, and very excited to visit. Like many people who have sensed the problems of our current system, I have been constantly searching for alternative places where people can live sustainably. Obviously, Arcosanti sounds like one of those ideal places.

However,  the reality is the opposite. Arcosanti looks like an ran down modern ruin to me. Obviously, this project is badly lack of funding and resources. The place is deserted. Bare concrete structures are full of deteriorated scars. My heart sunk sadly. Arcosanti is not alone. I have noticed more often recently that many of sustainable living models have been smashed mercilessly in front of the concrete economical reality. I am wondering if the endlessly chasing wealth is the only workable way to survive in this beautiful planet.


linda m levine fine art said...

Don't despair over the fate of Arcosanti. It remains as a testament to the dreams of many.. to improve the world and social living. The world changes dramatically every few years, and so the community envisioned could not last for very long. Someday there may be peace and harmony..but until that time we continue to hope and dream and lift our spirits by viewing your lovely art. Linda

Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I did not know about Arcosanti. However, as a society we have huge problems, most created by greed. Examples include climate change, and disregard for the poor and those of minority races, to name just a couple of many.

Thank you Qaing for your social awareness, often reflected in your blog.

Bob Blackmon