Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Demo at Sedona 2013 1"

Say goodbye to Phoenix, then say hello to Sedona. My workshop at Sedona started right after the one at Phoenix. Due to some issues of Internet connection at the place where I stayed, I posted my paintings late. This is my first demo. I want to thank Sedona Arts Center for inviting me back, and thanks to all the artists for attending. I am so happy to see the beautiful red rocks again at Sedona. Song and Jonathan are thrilled to visit this super beautiful place the first time. We have climbed on top of one vortexes and felt the supernatural energy of the heaven and earth there. While an Indian quietly played his drum and flute, we have entered a deep meditation.  When you start to forget the existence of yourself, you start to feel the real happiness.

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linda m levine fine art said...

Thanks again for a wonderful workshop and for lending your expertise to our painting process. This picture means the world to those who watched you create it on a blank canvas. Come back to Arizona soon! Linda L.