Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Tibor Nagy Study 2"

This is the second study I did by copying Tibor Nagy's work. The progress is noticeable. My color gets cleaner, value gets brighter, and I felt a little bit freer in manipulating my paint works. My main goal of this study is trying to use simple and abstract paint works (including brush, knife, and whatever tools) to  suggesting abundant, busy, and complicated city scenes. At this moment, I am not there yet. I have not figured out a strategy to approach my task in a controlled manner. I simply "monkey see, monkey do", copying a piece of paint after another. I hope eventually I will get an "Ah Ha" moment, to achieve similar effects without copying the master.


Marla said...

I think this is beautiful. To me, your work has a more definite rhythmic quality than Nagy's, his work has a stuttering effect and ghosted notes, as though he is telling more than one story in one piece.

Scott Ruthven said...

So Qiang, what did you learn about Tibor's process?