Friday, July 26, 2013

"Tibor Nagy Study 1"

I want to do this a long time ago, but waited till this a couple of days I have a small amount of time I can control. Tibor Nagy is one of my favorite artists I want to learn from. I like his work tremendously. When I was in Scottsdale not long ago, I have seen his originals in the Legacy Gallery. I like his art even more. However, I don't understand his ideas behind his paintings, so I can't rationalize his approaches. In this situation, the best way of learning is copying the master's work, then develop your own approach. By copying other artists' work you immediately feel what is different between your own style and that of the other artist. So you are immediately in the new territory, and other peoples' success will guide you so you can pursue for long miles without getting lost.


Bruce Bingham said...

Thank you for sharing your process. I can see why you like Tibor Nagy's work. You are an excellent draftsman and I admire your quest for learning. I will move near you next year and I hope to meet you in person. Happy journey:)

Karin Nelson said...

I recently discovered Tibor's work, and actually found your site while googling his painting images. I like your idea of doing a study on one of his pieces ( or more), and will give that a try. While on your site, I enjoyed viewing your paintings. I like your style!