Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Quiet Dock" --- Sold

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This is my first painting after I return to the US. It is based on a photo I took at Wuzhen China. In this water town, the main transportation to the local people are boats. This is one of the sites people get on their boats, or load and unload their stuff. I love this place. There are fantastic painterly scenes from any arbitrary spot and orientation.

Since my "on the Beijing Street" series, I feel I am in the mode of doing more landscapes. My color is getting subtler. I am learning how to pick up my interest from the overwhelmingly massive amount of details from the scene. It took longer from me to paint landscapes, because I have not painted enough yet. This is a good start, and more to come.

I am recovering from my jet lag and fatigues from my China trip. Many thanks to many friends for your warming and caring words to me and my family.


silentwitness said...

Way to go! This is a wonderful painting of a very interesting scene. Love the close values, soft edges and muted colors to create mystery, I look forward to seeing more of your landscape interpretations. I hope you are recovering from the jet-lag.

Unknown said...

Beautiful quiet painting, Qiang. I also enjoyed your sketches done while you waited in the airport! Very nice. I will keep your mother and father in my prayers. I know it must have been very difficult to leave them. Good wishes your way! Denise

Linda said...

A beautiful, calming and serene painting!