Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Demo in Beijing 3"

This painting was the third demo in my Beijing workshop. I should have posted it two weeks ago, but as usual I am behind on many things. Tomorrow will be the last day I teach in Beijing, and I will do a portrait demo. I did quite a lot in art teaching in Beijing, besides the 5-day painting workshop, I also gave quite a few private lessons, and an senimar on art business. I made many new friends and so happy of spending time with artists. I want to thank all the artist friends attending my classes and specially thank Patty Hudak for organizing all the events. China has a great potential for my art. I will come back again, and I would be more than happy to bring artist friends from all over with me.

I had some Internet problems lately. My website was down for several days. Now the problem has been solved. People who are interested in participating in Colley Whisson's workshop in Austin you can get detailed information on my website now.

In China the Internet is very different. Many websites are not visible. To post my blog, I have to remote control my computer in Austin. This post has already been late for a day


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