Monday, February 11, 2013

"Photo: Frozen Beauty"

Here in Beijing is the second day of the Chinese New Year holiday. These a couple of days I didn't do anything except giving company to my mother and father. 27 years have passed since I had Chinese New Years with them. This is my second dream came true after I left my full time engineering job (my first dream was fulfilled after I attended AAU last summer). Besides all the difficulties with our family, I am happy I had time spent with my parents. In this changing world, nothing is permanent. We are here only temporarily. We are responsible to make this short life significant. Several days ago I took this photo. It has shown me that beauty can be formed in a difficult time. It may exist for only a short time, but no matter what we have encounter, we need to remain positive.


Theresa Grillo Laird said...

It seems like so many in the community of artists are experiencing difficult family situations lately.Sometimes it's hard to find the beauty when we're under those circumstances. But then sometimes it just appears in front of us like an uplifting message that's exactly what we needed exactly then.

Christine said...

lovely drawings